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Part 2 – Requirements for non ventilated protective clothing against particulate radioactive contamination.

The test method used is the total inward leakage method defined in EN ISO 13982-2 Method B.

The test follows essentially the same protocols as the Type 5 test.

This test involves exposing a whole suit (6 or more test suits) to a dry aerosol of sodium chloride. The particle size is 0.6 μm. While being exposed to the dry aerosol, the wearer of the suit performs the following sequence of movements: standing, walking, squatting. The total inward leakage is expressed as a percentage of the concentration of sodium chloride outside the suit measured for each test suit at 3 points – knee, waist and chest. Therefor for each suit 9 measurements are taken and the 54 results averaged and consolidated as follows -

Position Knee Waist Chest Average
Stand       TILE %
Walk       TILE %
Squat       TILE %
Average       TILA %

The average readings are then used to determine the following -

Total Inward Leakage % - TILA %- average results all 6 wearers, all activities and all positions.

Total Inward Leakage % -TILE % - average inward leakage results all 6 wearers, all positions for one activity of standing, walking or squatting.


The highest mean value of Total Inward Leakage for one activity – highest TILE % and the TILA % are then used to determine the Nominal Protection Factor as defined in the table below.

Non-ventilated protective clothing shall be classified according to BS EN 1073-2:2002.

Class Mean value of the inward leakage of the three sampling positions inside the suit while standing, walking or squatting  - 6 suits: 9 measurements recorded per suit. Nominal Protection Factor
  One Activity TILE % All Activities TILA %  
3 < 0.3 < 0.2 500
2 < 3.0 < 2.0 50
1 < 30.0 < 20.0 5

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